How to Make a Poll on Instagram

Storytelling has attained a new meaning in a world ruled by social media. Whether you are grabbing a quick brunch with friends, or are gloomily faced with the forecast of a long workday, one question persists: Is this Instagrammable? Facebook-owned Instagram boasts immense popularity, with more than 1 billion monthly active users, of which 500 million use the platform daily.  Instagram’s daily engagement surged with its revolutionary story feature, which lets users share photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours. Instagram stories provided an opportunity for people to share moments from their everyday lives rather than just from special occasions. With constantly evolving algorithms, Instagram has identified creative ways to keep audiences engaged, and has allowed its content creators to do the same. One such feature is the Instagram poll that can be added to stories for easy interaction with followers. We have provided a step-by-step guide on how to make a poll on Instagram and a few tips to optimize this feature.  

What is an Instagram Poll?

instagram poll

Before learning how to make a poll on Instagram, we must first understand the tool. Instagram story polls are an interactive piece of content that allows users to ask their followers for input. Polls are a great means to crowdsource ideas, collect feedback on content or products, gauge what audiences want to see, or simply facilitate fun engagement.

How to Make a Poll on Instagram?

how to add a poll to instagram story

Instagram polls are only available through stories and can be created by using the poll sticker. Follow the steps outlined below to learn how to add a poll to an Instagram story:

  • Create an Instagram Story

To get started, open the app and swipe right. You will be directed to the screen where you can post your stories. Under the circular record button, you will see options to create a post, a story, and a reel, or to go live. You can either create a new story or post one that you have saved by clicking on the bottom left square icon and selecting the content from your gallery. Ensure that you are adding polls to your story! To maximize impact, keep your story relevant to the poll’s topic. To make Instagram story polls interesting, place them on an eye-catching image or background with relevant text, filters, emojis, doodles, or GIFs. Make sure to leave enough room to include the poll. 

  • Add the Poll to Your Story 

To create the poll, tap on the sticker icon, the fourth one on the top-right corner. This displays Instagram’s collection of stickers, ranging from hashtags to mentions to countdowns, and more. After you tap “Poll,” a Yes/No poll box will appear on your story. You can add your question by modifying the “Ask a question…” field. Get creative to prompt responses from your audience. After adding the question, you can customize the response options (Yes/No) by tapping on them and editing the text. While each option can have up to 26 characters, the number of responses is limited to two. To include more than just two answer options, make use of the emoji slider Instagram poll, which allows users to drag the slider left or right and release it to submit their responses. To create a sliding poll, click on the sticker below the regular “Poll.” You can then type your question and select your preferred emoji for the sliding bar.  

  • Ensure Correct Placement of Your Poll

Once you are done customizing your poll, tap the “Done” button on the top right corner of your screen. The poll sticker will then appear on your story. Like other stickers, the Instagram poll sticker can be dragged around the screen for desired placement and pinched to be made larger or smaller.

  • Share Your Poll

Complete your story and share it by clicking on “Your Story.” Your followers will then be able to vote on their choice while they see the poll on your story. If this is your viewer’s first poll, they might get a notification informing them about the feature. 

  • Examine Your Poll Results

Once your poll goes live, enable the notifications to allow Instagram to inform you when anyone votes. To view the results of your poll, open your stories and click on the viewers listed at the bottom. You can even swipe up to view the story analytics. Once on the analytics page, tap the eye icon to view the details of the voters and the options each person selected. As the post results are only available while the story is live, you will not be able to view the analytics after 24 hours. It is a good idea to set a reminder so you can view the results before they expire.

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Once you know how to make a poll on Instagram, use it strategically to create unique content instead of adding to the noise. Use polls to crowd-source new ideas and gather feedback on the content you have created. Irrespective of whether you are an independent creator or a business, you can use polls to enhance your Instagram marketing strategy by hearing directly from your target customers. You can even use Instagram polls to drive traffic back to your website and educate audiences about your brand.     

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