A Complete Guide To LinkedIn Hashtags

Most professionals these days maintain and prefer staying active on LinkedIn. 

Now, after login once you start sharing content on various niches, use of hashtag can prove to be fruitful. 

Hashtags are the metadata tags that are very common for social media sites for identifying various messages on a particular topic. They use the ‘hash’ symbol to signify the topic. Hashtags are no longer limited to Instagram and Twitter. LinkedIn, too, is using the hashtag technique in order to appear in search results.

Benefit of visibility

hashtags on linkedin

LinkedIn encourages users to use hashtags for visibility. Hashtags on LinkedIn helps users to get discovered by other professionals. It also helps others to find your content on LinkedIn. As per LinkedIn, if you prefer being a Private User, it suggests switching the privacy settings to Public to increase the visibility of your content attached with hashtags. However, users who prefer using the Private mode can continue to maintain their privacy despite using hashtags.

The concept of hashtags

The story of hashtags and their success has been around for quite a long time. But do you know what it is all about? Hashtags are the ultimate marketing tool that helps marketers connect with their target audience. Hashtags are used for categorizing content on social media platforms. They help in discovering related information– of a particular topic– and make it easier for users to find the same.

A hashtag is expressed by a hash mark (#). It is used in a message for identifying a topic using keywords, which facilitate the search. Like every social media platform, LinkedIn hashtags are an important part of social networks. If you click a particular hashtag, you will be directed to all aggregating posts related to the same hashtag.

Important points for using hashtags on LinkedIn

how to use hashtags on linkedin
  1. When using hashtags, for a specific purpose or post, make sure not to string too many words together under a single hashtag.
  2. If you are using hashtags on a public account, other users will find it easier to reach your posts.
  3. Make sure not to spam a post with hashtags. It is better not to overuse multiple hashtags or with every word.
  4. Understand the usage of hashtags well on LinkedIn to ease your communication on the platform.

Dos and Don’ts

hashtags on linkedin
  1. Do make your LinkedIn profile public to direct profiles or posts on to your target audience. 
  2. Do make your posts look professional on LinkedIn. By using the right LinkedIn hashtags and a professional tone, you will be able to make your posts engaging, controversial as well as funny. Just make sure that the posts are relevant to your brand or company.
  3. Do use hashtags after typing a status or comment on the post. 
  4. Do use hashtags even after publishing an article. This will help in connecting with a specific network.
hashtags on linkedin
  1. Don’t leave your LinkedIn profile without hashtags. A headline or summary with the right set of hashtags will be best for your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Don’t use punctuation when using hashtags. They play the role of spaces between hashtags and words. 
  3. Don’t forget to use hashtags in comments. A comment with proper hashtags will show your active fields or related features of your brand or company. Do not leave a comment on an article or video just because it is trending. Get proper knowledge and then write your opinion. 

Using hashtags suggested by LinkedIn

how to use hashtags on linkedin

If you are still wondering how to use hashtags on LinkedIn, prefer going with the suggested ones that come automatically under your post as suggestions . LinkedIn will automatically show you a set of suggested hashtags when creating a post. Suggested hashtags on this platform are shown when updating your status. If the suggested hashtags work for you, consider including them in your posts. Make sure you are not using a suggested hashtag only because LinkedIn has suggested it. Hashtags must be used only if they serve your purpose. So, be sure to use sensible hashtags and be deliberate.

How to use LinkedIn hashtags?

how to use hashtags on linkedin

Using hashtags in your LinkedIn posts and updates (and even articles) will ensure a greater chance to get discovered by other users. LinkedIn members who are active with specific hashtags should be able to follow the relevant posts posted by you. So, let’s take a look at how to use a hashtag in LinkedIn posts – 

  1. Go to the homepage and click on share a photo, article, idea, or video.
  2. Upload, link, or write your content.
  3. Below content add some relevant hashtags. Remember, hashtags should be without any space.

If you want to include hashtags in an article –

how to follow hashtags on linkedin
  1. Go to the homepage, click update and go to “write an article”
  2. After you are done with the drafted file of your to-be published article, consider clicking on the publish button on the top right corner. A pop-up window will show up.
  3. There will be a section called ‘tell your network what your article is about’. In this option, add your texts for introducing the article along with the hashtags. Make sure that the hashtags are relevant to your article. These texts, along with hashtags, will be shown as commentary above the article after publishing.
  4. Remember, you cannot remove or edit hashtags after the article has been published.

Which hashtags to use?

hashtags on linkedin

It often becomes complicated to understand types of hashtags for your LinkedIn profile. As the LinkedIn post is about your business or profession related, try to use specific hashtags only. Here, you need to stick to its relevance. Add hashtags, which are related to your business or profession. Finding appropriate hashtags is not a daunting task but a bit time-consuming at the initial stage. You can also get help from a free hashtags generator available on the internet. 

If you are looking to post something on social media, LinkedIn hashtags generated by such hashtag generator sites may  help. Consider taking these hashtags and start typing them on the search bar, and automatically, each hashtag will appear. Click on a specific hashtag and see how many followers are there for that particular hashtag. Proper usage of hashtags often drags huge numbers of views starting from hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, and sometimes ending millions.

However, this also depends on the size and establishment capacity of your company. If you are a small-time entrepreneur, you don’t want to end up digging a huge pond of different contents, instead your focus should be on your field.

Hashtag implementation for personal profile and company page

Whether you are looking to share content directly to your personal feed or want to re-share from a specific company page, hashtags must change depending on their relevancy. Expert recommendation is to use the seeding hashtags for your LinkedIn posts. It is not wise to include too many hashtags for a single post. LinkedIn hashtags are different from how hashtags function on Instagram or Twitter.

Whether it’s a company update or personal profile, it is recommended to use a couple of hashtags for each update. Hashtags must be based on topics covered in the content. LinkedIn recommends using hashtags at the lower end at the left-hand corner or the home screen. 

There may be no limits to the usage of hashtags for one post or update, but it is crucial to stay smart and use focused and clean hashtags. This will reflect accuracy and professionalism in your profile. Too much usage of hashtags will make the post look cluttered. Such posts are often counted as spam, which is common with social media users who are unaware of this concept. Make sure to use your discretion when determining the amount and quality of the audience.

Drawing attention to your profile or company

With hashtags, this is possible! For instance, if your company deals with manufacturing any product, the most relevant hashtag for your establishment would be #Distribution or #Manufacturing. When using hashtags, be sure to be selective to establish yourself as one of the top-performing social media leaders in the industry. 

Suppose you are handling a personal profile, like a customer service manager, and you often share information about information and updates on Customer Service. In that case, popular hashtags should be #CSR or #CustomerService. These are perfect hashtags for your updates. If you are not sure which hashtag to use, try following your competitors to see what hashtags they are using. 

Choose some of the most popular hashtags and lay the red carpet for your business. LinkedIn is a type of platform where you can keep learning from your connections. Don’t fall behind with LinkedIn hashtags and start using them sooner.

Hashtag actions for LinkedIn

hashtags on linkedin
  1. Choose five to ten hashtags, which are relevant for your business or industry type, and consider using them regularly on posts as status updates.
  2. When creating a post, start using between one and three relevant hashtags and make sure to be strategic.
  3. Follow a minimum of ten hashtags that are relevant to your industry type or job and consider commenting daily on the related posts. Try to find the posts that are using the same hashtags, keep watching the comment section and comment frequently.

What is the purpose of using hashtags on LinkedIn?

how to use hashtags on linkedin

Hashtags are important for professional social media platforms like LinkedIn. The reasons are – 

  1. It helps to reach a larger audience and amplify the existing network connections. The existing connections are quite naturally looking for your service, company, or products, and thus, going to the next stage with a larger audience is crucial for business growth.
  2. LinkedIn expands your network as greater reach will ensure larger visibility. The more people see your content, the sooner it gets connected with the audience. 
  3. People use hashtags to maximize the exposure. The company message receives greater exposure, and thus, using LinkedIn hashtags is crucial. But be sure to stay relevant and hit the right chord.
  4. It helps to maintain the engagement by consistent posting on the social media platform. It is great if you post regularly with hashtag implementations. Consider checking the posts and create an involvement with conversations. This will help in establishing an online personality.
  5. Implementation of hashtags on LinkedIn will specify your audience. If you want to target a specific group, use of proper hashtags may get you desired reach and traffic.

Remember, creating your own hashtags is not a wise or smart choice regularly. However, it is certainly effective for specific and larger campaigns as it helps to bring greater shares. Following or using the latest or trendiest hashtags is a good idea.

Important tips and tricks for LinkedIn hashtag usage

how to follow hashtags on linkedin

There are some basic concepts of using hashtags in LinkedIn, and prioritizing these will help you a lot in the future. 

  1. Stay professional.
  2. Make sure to use text messages in a concrete way to project what you want to convey to the audience. 
  3. Stay away from hashtags that specify sarcasm or jokes.
  4. Keep tabs on similar profiles that are related to your industry to see what kind of hashtags they are using. 
  5. Location-based hashtags are always useful.
  6. As per expert recommendations, every post appears in search when you use three to five hashtags.
  7. Engage and monitor your audience.
  8. Include hashtags to your company page along with the personal one.
  9. Always use a group of hashtags that go with each other. It looks unprofessional.
  10. Use multi-word hashtags.
  11. Stay away from symbols, punctuation, spaces, etc.
  12. Consider checking spellings.
  13. Consider using event-based hashtags to stay connected with a specific occasion or event.

Why is LinkedIn the best platform for professional hashtags?

LinkedIn is a special kind of social media platform that offers various freelancers and business organizations to stay connected with industry trends. It is a matchless platform for brand representation. It helps us to learn from other members and promote the same with specific contents and materials. At the initial stage, understanding the usage of hashtags may be a bit complicated but will lead to unlocking lots of benefits in the future.

LinkedIn hashtags are the super orb for the global engagement market and help job seekers to a great extent. The hashtags not only help in finding jobs but also allow organizations to maintain relevance throughout the industry. Hashtags implementation gets you attached to the right set of topics and in increasing potential. Just go through the above-mentioned steps to know how to follow hashtags on LinkedIn. 

Incorporating LinkedIn Hashtag Strategically 

If you notice a particular hashtag resonating with any LinkedIn member, it indicates that they are interested in the same content on other social media platforms. Here, you need to extend the usage of hashtags to far reaching social presences, making it easier for followers to get connected with the content. For a business, this will help in increasing the followers in the future. LinkedIn hashtags are very useful to maintain the flow of current events, industry trends, and conversations, which are useful for a professional or business establishment.

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