100 Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram

Hashtags may seem like a less important Instagram marketing tactic that can be tossed away. But Hashtags are important for promoting your posts and profile. If leveraged in the correct and non-spammy way, then it can reap a lot of benefits. At the same time, it is not wise to just sprinkle in a few hashtags with the hope that they will work like magic.

If you want magic to happen then you need to pull in some effort. But, the first question is why use them in the first place?

So, here are a few reasons:

best travel hashtags
  • Help people discover your content

Creating a post demands a lot of time and energy. But what if no one sees your content? Who wants all the hard work to go in vain?  Don’t worry as this is where hashtags come in. Users type hashtags in the search bar to discover content and they even click on a hashtag in a post to discover related content.

  • Encourage engagements

According to Sprout Social’s recent Instagram statistics, posts that include at least one hashtag get more engagement compared to the ones which don’t have any hashtags. Brands even create their own hashtags for people to engage with. 

  • Help you keep up with trends

Hashtags tell you what is popular or trending in your niche. Follow tags related to your industry and understand what your competitors are doing and people’s opinions about them.

  • Figure out your competition

Hashtags can be helpful in taking a sneak-peak at competitors. You can use them to find out hashtags your competitors are using, their most-used tags, and their top-posts. Get to know which hashtags are helping their top-posts rank. 

Let’s dive in and take a look at the correct way of using them.

A quick guide on using hashtags the right way

hashtags for travel

Before we jump into the 100 best travel hashtags to use, let’s first look at the correct way of using them. 

First and foremost: don’t be spammy. Instagram permits a maximum of 30 hashtags on every post. But using irrelevant hashtags, which do not relate to your post, might end up getting you blocked. Hence, use relevant hashtags that target your ideal customers.

Secondly, your aim should be to rank as a top post. It is difficult with popular hashtags because other posts will be already using them to get in the top post ranking. You might get a few likes, but in the end, you will end up with not many likes and the post will even disappear from the feed.

So, how can your post become the top posts in your chosen hashtag?

Choose a hashtag that has fewer posts. This way you will have less competition, enabling you to rank in your chosen hashtag. You might even appear on larger feeds.

Here’s the sequence of hashtags to use for better reach:

  • 10 hashtags with feeds of < 250 thousand posts
  • 10 hashtags with feeds of < 500 thousand posts
  • 8 hashtags with feeds of < 1 million posts
  • 2 hashtags with feeds of > 1 million posts

100 best travel hashtags

Creating content for Instagram is fun, but it’s not a bed of roses. A lot of work goes behind creating posts, which people engage with and can rank on Instagram’s feed. You need to have an effective strategy to boost the growth of your profile and posts.

One important tool in your Instagram marketing arsenal should be hashtags. This article caters to travel accounts on Instagram. So, if you are a travel blogger or travel agent, or anyone with an Instagram travel account, then you must read this article. 

Luxury Travel Hashtags

Luxury travel content dominates a large part of the platform; courtesy of travel influencers and celebrities who post photos of their trips in lavish hotels. So, if you are thinking of creating content in the same line then make sure to use the following hashtags in your posts: 

  1. #roomwithaview
  2. #hotellife
  3. #hotelroom
  4. #luxuryhotels
  5. #LuxuryTravel
  6.  #LuxuryHotelsWorld 
  7. #LuxuryTraveller
  8.  #BespokeTravel
  9. #hoteldesign
  10. #besthotels
  11. #NeverGoingHome 
  12. #LuxuryVacation
  13. #hotelliving
  14. #luxuryholiday
  15. #LuxuryVillas 
  16. #LuxuryTrip 
  17. #TravelLuxury 
  18. #DreamHoliday 
  19. #LuxuryEscapes
  20. #hotelstay

Family Travel Hashtags

Many families go on Instagram to document their travel journeys with their young ones. These cute posts of little ones– making sandboxes on the beach or parents spending quality time with their kids– can be found in abundance. If you are a parent who wants to do the same or if you are a hotel who wants to catch the attention of parents looking for family-friendly places to stay on their next trip, then these tourism hashtags are for you. 

  1. #FamilyTravels
  2.  #TravelFamily
  3.  #FamilyVacay 
  4. #TravelFam
  5.  #FamiliesWhoTravel
  6. #TravelMum
  7.  #TravelDad 
  8. #FamilyAdventure 
  9. #LitteTraveler
  10.  #OurTribeTravels
  11.  #KidsThatTravel
  12.  #ParentsWhoWander 
  13. #FamilyTravelTribe
  14.  #TravelMadFam
  15.  #GoWithNugget
  16.  #TravelBrood
  17.  #LoveYourTimeTogether
  18.  #TravellingWithKids
  19.  #LPKids
  20.  #ExploringFamilies 

General Travel Hashtags

We have listed some general travel hashtags, which you can use regardless of your niche. Whether it is a food-related post, honeymoon travel, family travel, or anything else. These popular hashtags can be used in any posts. 

  1. #goexplore 
  2. #wonderfulplaces
  3.  #openmyworld
  4.  #lovetotravel
  5.  #adventurethatislife 
  6. #roamtheplanet
  7. #wanderlust
  8.  #adventureseeker 
  9. #doyoutravel 
  10. #travelmore
  11. #Travelgram
  12.  #Travelholic
  13.  #Travelbook
  14.  #Traveller 
  15. #Travel_Captures 
  16. #Instatravel
  17.  #SeeTheWorld 
  18. #TravelTheWorld 
  19. #TravelAddict
  20.  #Travellingram

Honeymoon Travel Hashtags

Honeymoon travel trips are huge as couples shower one another with love and indulge in luxuries. You may have come across such posts across Instagram. If you are about to post pictures of your recent honeymoon trip then remember to use the following hashtags for better reach: 

  1. #Honeymoon 
  2. #HoneymoonDestination
  3.  #HoneymoonTime
  4.  #HoneymoonTrip
  5.  #Honeymooning
  6.  #HoneymoonTravel
  7.  #Honeymooners 
  8. #DreamHoneymoon 
  9. #RomanticPlace 
  10. #HoneymoonVibes 
  11. #RomanticGetaway
  12.  #HoneymoonBungalow 
  13. #JustMarried 
  14. #InParadise
  15.  #HoneymoonInspo 
  16. #HoneymoonInParadise 
  17. #OverWaterBungalow 
  18. #MrAndMrs 
  19. #HoneymoonIsland
  20.  #TravelBuddyForLife

Adventure Travel Hashtags

Who doesn’t love adventure? Travel that includes participating in adventure sports and activities is a great way for millennials to get away from their hectic schedules. If you are a hotel or any other travel stay place, which offers adventurous activities, then you need to use the following adventure travel hashtags. 

  1. #LifeIsAnAdventure
  2.  #AdventureTime
  3.  #Adventurer
  4.  #ExploreTheWorld
  5.  #GoExplore
  6.  #SeekAdventure 
  7. #GoPlaces 
  8. #NotLost
  9.  #HikingAdventures 
  10. #AdventureOn
  11.  #StayAndWander 
  12. #GoneOutdoors
  13.  #Adventure_Culture 
  14. #ChooseAdventure
  15.  #GetOutStayOut
  16.  #AdventureAddict 
  17. #AdventureInspire
  18.  #AdventureTillWeDie
  19.  #AdventureThatIsLife
  20. #RoamThePlanet 

How can the Tourism Industry benefit from using Instagram?

According to Business Insider, 34% of people are planning to spend more than $5,000 on upcoming vacations. This goes to show that travel continues to be a lucrative industry. 

And for many people, social media plays an important role when planning trips and looking for hotels. So, if you are in the tourism industry then you must invest in social media marketing.

A Facebook podcast says Instagram influences customers’ decisions, especially when it comes to traveling. A whopping 70 % of people use Instagram to share their travel plans, 67% of people use it to look for travel inspiration, and 61% use the app to find activities to do while traveling. 

Clearly, there are many benefits of Instagram, which travel agents and hotel chains should leverage. Here are some tips on Instagram marketing for travel agents: 

tourism hashtag
  • Know Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is the most basic and important step in your marketing journey. If you miss this step then you are setting yourself up for disaster. You’ll end up trying to sell to everyone. For example, most people on Instagram are either millennials or Gen Zs. So, you’ll have to understand their social media pattern and plan your marketing campaign accordingly. 

An Expedia study showed that 84% of Gen Z and 77% of millennials used social media to plan their travels. They also agreed that good imagery and deals are two important social media content influencing them. 

You should invest in creating good videos and images for your audience. However, it can be a long-drawn process. So, make use of user-generated content. This all add credibility and instill trust in future customers.

Make an effort to know who your target audience is. Find out the type of content they like and what influences them, and create content accordingly. 

  • Have Consistent Designs

Some travel accounts have great pictures, but they have inconsistent designs. While some may think it is not important, having consistent designs is essential for building your brand image. Your profile needs to be distinct from other profiles on Instagram.

Not only the design but also feelings and moods evoked by your posts should be similar and consistent with your brand image. 

Your posts should communicate your brand details is and what it stands for. This can be done by having a similar style across all your posts. Take a look at Tourism Fiji’s Instagram account and you’ll realize that their pictures have the same vibrant blue hues. 

  • Respond To Comments

Remember to respond to comments on your posts whether they are negative or positive. Responding to comments will help you build a relationship with your audience and encourage more comments. 

People might compliment you for your services or may complain about something they did not like. If someone posts a negative comment then that does not mean you have to reply in a similar manner. Listen carefully to what they are trying to say and respond accordingly.

If someone says something negative then offer a resolution to their problem. This way other people who read your replies will form a good perception of your brand. It will also show that you offer good customer service to your guests and take their issues seriously. 

  • Build Loyalty And Trust

There are tons of travel accounts competing for users’ attention. So, how do you stand out from them? 

instagram marketing for travel agents

Before making a purchase customers look for social proof to validate their purchase. A brand, which speaks about loyalty and trust is more likely to get a person’s attention and approval. According to an infographic on Adweek, 52% of social media users make the decision to travel after looking at their friends’ photos. People even read customer reviews and watch travel vlogs before they decide to travel.

To create a social proof, use user-generated content to build authenticity and trust. Ask customers for their pictures of their stay at your place and post them on your social media handles. You can even work with niche influencers. You don’t necessarily need to collaborate with big influencers with millions of followers.

Find micro-influencers with decent following and great engagement. This influencer should be the one who has the potential of influencing the buying decisions of customers. Another great method is to share customer reviews on Instagram’s story and highlight features. Customers tend to feel a sense of security and trust when they see others using a service or product. 

  • Make The Most Of In-App Shopping

Marketers often make the mistake of not using all the features of Instagram. If you are in the travel industry, the in-app feature is a must for you. 

According to Instagram Business, 60% of Instagram users find new products and services on the platform. 130 million users click the shopping posts to find out new products every month. Customers regularly shop on Instagram through the in-app feature.

Also, the app provides a lot of stickers including “Book” and “Reserve”, which can be used on Stories.  Share deals and discounts on the app and promote them to build awareness. Make the deals time-bound to create scarcity so that customers feel a sense of missing out if they don’t rush to book or make a purchase. 

You can even create a hashtag and create promotional content around a deal to compel customers to take action. Another important step is to map customers’ journey on Instagram. This way you will know the right time and context to make a purchase. 

  • Post At The Right Time
best travel hashtags

People use Instagram throughout the day. But, there are some optimal times for publishing a post as engagement is high during this time.

During the week, Monday and Thursdays are the best time for posting, except between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm. 

Users also engage a lot with posts during off-office hours during the weekdays. That being said, it is important for you to find the best time to post for yourself. Initially, you can post on the recommended times. But gradually you need to find out at what time do you see the best engagement and then publish accordingly. 

  • Make Your Profile Interactive

Likes and comments are not the only ways for people to engage with you. Create an interactive space where your audience gets the chance to interact with you. Here are some tips –

  • Conduct a weekly Q & A where followers can leave questions for you to answer.
  • Post a countdown for new deals and offers.
  • Host a giveaway, where you can ask your audience to do something and also tag three of their friends to win the giveaway.  
  • Ask your followers for user-generated content and publish it on your profile.
  • Ask people for feedback and reviews.
  • Conduct regular weekly lives to engage with your audience.
  • Give your social media team a break and host guests to take over your profile for a day.


We began with the importance of using hashtags on Instagram and the most lucrative ways to use them. Then, we shared a list of the 100 best travel hashtags that you can use in your posts. Next, we talked about how Instagram marketing can help the travel industry.

We discussed a few tips you need to implement on Instagram to succeed. These include knowing your target audience. When you know your ideal customers and have mapped their journey then you’ll know the type of content to create for sales. Next, you need to have a consistent design to form a brand identity that people remember and can relate to.

Responding to comments is also important as it shows customers that you care and are listening to them. It also helps build a relationship with them. Customers flock to accounts that are loyal and trustworthy. So, build loyalty and trust through social proof in the form of customer reviews and collaboration with niche influencers, among other things. It will also help you set yourself apart from your competitors. Remember to use the in-app feature to make sales or bookings. 

Post at the time mentioned above, or ideally find a time when the engagement is highest on your posts, and publish accordingly. Make your profile an interactive space for people to feel more connected and valued. 

It’s your turn to implement these tips and see the results. 

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