My Library Help

Go to the Recent templates tab from the create dashboard and find out the latest images that you edited in the recent past. Click on them to make changes to it and to use them again.

In the create dashboard, click on "My Projects" on the right top corner of the tool, to view the saved projects.

To delete the projects that you don't want to work on in the My projects section, simply check the white circle icon present on the project's right bottom to select that project. You can select as many as projects you want to delete at a time and click on the Delete option present on the top right of the dashboard.

Yes, You can restore the projects that you deleted by mistake. To do this, go to the Trash ( ) tab and select your deleted project and click Restore.

All the new projects that you start, are by default named as "My Project". So, to save your project with a customized name in the image editor, click on the (pencil) edit icon above the left side pane and enter your customized project name.