What is the Best Time to Post Content on Reddit?

Reddit is a site for discussing, rating web content, and aggregating social news. Users submit various content pieces on Reddit, like images, links, text posts that are voted either up or down by the members on the platform. This social platform is actually more than just a news site. Reddit is the fourth most visited website in the US. It comes just after Google, YouTube, and Facebook. 

The format of Reddit helps to share original as well as shared content and allows one to drive traffic to the respective websites of individuals. You can post anything on the site at any time of the day. However, to gain maximum benefit, you must know the best time to post on Reddit. Keeping track of this time will help post content at the ideal time on the platform and help gain good traffic for your website.

In this article, we will be throwing light on the best time to post on Reddit to derive maximum benefits. 

Why use Reddit for business promotion?

reddit for business promotion

Some individuals might think twice about using Reddit for business promotion. However, there are some facts to consider, which will help you understand that using this social media site is beneficial for marketers.

  • Reddit is the seventh most visited social media site globally. The social media site has 430 million active users in a month, and it is the 4th most visited site in America. 
  • The average user on Reddit spends 4.96 minutes on the platform. It is more than the time spent by a user on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. 
  • Any kind of external link leads to generating great engagement on Reddit. The users visit the site to discover new websites, different content, and any type of news suited to their preferences.
  • Research shows about 49.91 % of Reddit’s traffic comes from the US. Hence, if you are planning to target the US audience, then promoting the content of your site on Reddit is very vital.

Best days to submit content on Reddit

When it comes to understanding the audience traffic pattern on this site, it is no different from any other social media platform on the internet. In most cases, the content must be published between Monday and Thursday on Reddit. During those days the traffic is the highest. It happens because users are usually near a computer or a laptop at work or at home. 

Best time to submit content on Reddit

Some research points out that submitting content on Reddit during weekdays is a good idea. However, other experts feel submitting content on weekends gives a better chance for content to be up-voted and seen by the target users. While there might be a difference of opinion, we have tried to point out the essential points of using these two times of the week for content promotion on Reddit. 

Weekdays for content submission

eastern time to post on reddit

Since Reddit is an American social site, the traffic on the platform is largely dependent on US traffic. As a result, you can very well understand the best time to post on Reddit depends on US citizens’ schedules and time zones in the country. 

Research shows that Reddit users visit the site in the morning after waking up. The traffic visit also increases during lunch break and when people finish their work at the end of the day. If you want to attract visitors then these are golden times for posting content. If you submit posts during these times, then you can reap maximum benefits. There will be chances of posts reaching the top of a subreddit.

The optimal time for submitting content is 9 am as per the Eastern time-zone. It is beneficial as you will be able to catch users in the Central time-zone before they leave for work and Pacific time-zone when they wake up. This time is ideal as this is not too late for the post to fall before users in the Eastern time-zone go for their lunch. For instance, you post content at 1 pm Eastern time and your other posts are older than this one. It will give you a chance to reach the top of a subreddit and remain there throughout the day. 

As per this data, the optimal time for submission for most subreddits is usually between 8.30 am to 10.30 am Eastern Time. 

Weekends for content submission

best time to post on reddit is weekend

There is a counter thought about the best time to post on Reddit. Many marketers or content creators think since individuals will be at their office in front of their computers, they will be able to give more time to posts. However, that might not be the case as the huge workload might make it difficult for individuals to take time out to upvote or browse the site. 

Experts feel that during weekends individuals can devote more time to surfing content posted on Reddit. They have more time on their hands, and they can comment, upvote, and even browse the site. It has become a popular way of spending time on the weekend for many individuals. 

When you post in the morning, the post will have the luxury of getting seen by American users for the entire day. If users visit a specific subreddit many times on that particular day, your post will attract attention. 

Posting early in the morning on weekends is also a good idea. The user will get more time to be involved in a discussion, and this will attract attention to your news post on Reddit. It is always advisable that you reply to comments and questions asked by users. It will ensure that if any other user looks for this subreddit in the future, they can find the comment on the post. 

However, keep in mind an important fact before you post something. The users might become irritated if you directly advertise anything on Reddit. Instead, one must be open and respect the platform and post content with subtlety. It will increase engagement on your post and keep users engaged. Focus on creative ways of engaging readers. It will help you to understand whether users take your content seriously on Reddit and if it is well received.  

Considering this trend, one can say the best time to post content on Reddit is early Saturday morning, Sundays, and Mondays. 

Subreddit tendencies:

what is subreddit

What is a subreddit? It is a community found on the site, which has tendencies of their own when it concerns traffic patterns of the site. For properly analyzing any particular subreddit, one can simply use the RedditLater analysis tool. This will help a user to understand the days and times when top posts were submitted for subreddit.

Want to analyze top posts every hour on Reddit? Then simply look for /r/AskReddit and /r/NoSleep. When you check these two subreddits, you will find a difference in the subreddits pattern. If you consider /r/AskReddit, you will find that this is a general subreddit, which tracks the traffic patterns of a general user. On the other hand, if you see /r/NoSleep, you will see late-night users of Reddit, and this will again follow a different pattern. 

Before any user submits any content to a subreddit, you must consider whether this subreddit follows any abnormal pattern in internet usage and also cross-check the other top posts that have already been submitted to this subreddit.

Diverse categories and their timing on Reddit

Diverse subreddits have different topics under them, and hence the timing on Reddit for such categories will vary immensely. 

  • r/Askreddit

It is the oldest subreddit used to ask thoughtful questions. The best time to post content on this subreddit is Friday at 8:00 am, Monday at 6.00- 7:00 am, and Friday at 1:00 pm. One should analyze the weekly result to understand that each subreddit must be covered at least once daily. 

  • r/Science

As the name suggests, this subreddit is for sharing information on scientific topics. It is also used for discussing subjects like Physics, Astrology, Social Science, Biology, and others. The best time to post content on this subreddit is at 4 am on Friday, at 8 am on Sunday, and at 7 am on Monday.

  • r/Funny

Memes, funny videos are part of this subreddit. It is a treasure trove for humor. The best time to post is Friday noon, and 11 am, and Wednesday noon.

  • r/Gaming

Any topic related to gaming is easy to find on this subreddit. It also includes card games, video games, and board games. Tuesday at 8 am, Wednesday at 2 pm, and 5 pm is the ideal time for posting on this subreddit.

  • r/Movies

If you are a movie buff, then this subreddit is ideal for you. Any information related to films is available on Reddit. Monday at 9 am, 11 am, and Tuesday at 4 pm are the best times to post movie-related content.  

The type of content that you post on Reddit will determine the subreddit that you need to follow. Different subreddits have different optimal timings for posting content. Hence, as a content creator or as a marketer, analyze trends and find out when your specific community is active on Reddit. Without knowing the optimal time, you will miss out on your target users, and the post will not get the popularity it deserves. 

Competition in content

Not all posts submitted to a subreddit will be at the top of that particular subreddit on that day. Hence, when you are submitting any content, you must keep in mind that there will be competition from other users. It is an important factor to keep in mind before you think of submitting any content for subreddits.

Suppose a recycling company wants to engage target customers on their new campaign. The subreddit might be something like /r/Environment. On a regular day, posts might do pretty well on the site. But if there is an election, the post of this company will not be faring well. It is because users will be more focused on discussing election results and candidates who support environmental activities. 

Before you submit any content on this site, ensure your users understand the context of the particular Reddit community. The user must also keep track of the important and topical events occurring simultaneously. Unless you want to post something that is time-bound, you can wait for the content competition to thin down and then put out a post. This will ensure you reach the top of the subreddit more easily than on other days. 


Timing is very important. It is true for all things in life. And posting content on Reddit is no different from these issues. Hence, as a common user or a marketer wanting to promote a campaign, knowing the best time to post on Reddit is very vital. Without this knowledge, you will not be able to derive maximum benefits from this social media site for your content or your company. 

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